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Director: Federico Fellini; Duration: 1 H 23 minutes; Giulietta Masina; ; creator: Tullio Pinelli; Comedy. Excelente. De witte sjeik download movie 2018. De witte sjeik download movie theater. The White Sheik Theatrical release poster Directed by Federico Fellini Produced by Luigi Rovere Screenplay by Federico Fellini Tullio Pinelli Ennio Flaiano Story by Michelangelo Antonioni Federico Fellini Tullio Pinelli Starring Alberto Sordi Leopoldo Trieste Brunella Bovo Giulietta Masina Music by Nino Rota Cinematography Arturo Gallea Edited by Rolando Benedetti Production company American International Pictures Release date 6 September 1952 ( VFF) 20 September 1952 (Italy) 25 April 1956 (USA) Running time 83 minutes Country Italy Language Italian The White Sheik ( Italian: Lo sceicco bianco) is a 1952 Italian romantic comedy film directed by Federico Fellini and starring Alberto Sordi, Leopoldo Trieste, Brunella Bovo and Giulietta Masina. Written by Fellini, Tullio Pinelli, Ennio Flaiano and Michelangelo Antonioni, the film is about a man who brings his new bride to Rome for their honeymoon, to gain an audience with the Pope, and to present his wife to his family. When the young woman sneaks away to find the hero of her romance novels, the man is forced to spend hour after painful hour making excuses to his eager family who want to meet his missing bride. [1] The White Sheik was filmed on location in Fregene, Rome, Spoleto and Vatican City. [2] Plot [ edit] Two young newlyweds from a provincial town, Wanda (Brunella Bovo) and Ivan Cavalli ( Leopoldo Trieste), arrive in Rome for their honeymoon. Wanda is obsessed with the "White Sheik" ( Alberto Sordi), the Rudolph Valentino -like hero of a soap opera photo strip and sneaks off to find him, leaving her conventional, petit bourgeois husband in hysterics as he tries to hide his wife's disappearance from his strait-laced relatives who are waiting to go with them to visit the Pope. The plotline was appropriated by Woody Allen in his film To Rome with Love. Cast [ edit] Alberto Sordi as Fernando Rivoli, The White Sheik Leopoldo Trieste as Ivan Cavalli Brunella Bovo as Wanda Giardino Cavalli Giulietta Masina as Cabiria, the prostitute Lilia Landi as Felga, the photonovel's gipsy Ernesto Almirante as Dottore Fortuna, the photonovel's director Fanny Marchiò as Marilena Alba Vellardi Gina Mascetti as Aida Rivoli, the wife of Fernando Ugo Attanasio as Uncle of Ivan [3] Production [ edit] The White Sheik was Fellini's first solo effort as a director. He had previously co-directed Variety Lights in 1950 with Alberto Lattuada. Originally the treatment for The White Sheik was written by Michelangelo Antonioni. [4] Carlo Ponti commissioned Fellini and Tullio Pinelli to develop the treatment. It was satirical in nature, targeting the trashy fotoromanzi comic strips that were extremely popular in Italy when the film was made. [5] The male lead, Leopoldo Trieste, a playwright who did not consider himself an actor, reluctantly auditioned for Fellini. During the audition Fellini asked him to compose a sonnet that the lead character would have written to his wife. The poem which begins "She is graceful, sweet and teeny... " was included in the film. [6] Appearing briefly as the prostitute Cabiria, Giulietta Masina would later return to this role in Nights of Cabiria. Her short scene inspired Fellini to write the screenplay and also convinced producers that Giulietta was ready for the leading role. [7] Reception [ edit] Italian film critic Giulio Cesare Castello, writing for Cinema V, argued that Fellini's past as a successful strip cartoonist made him a natural choice as the film's director: "Fellini was undoubtedly the best qualified and for two reasons: firstly, his experience as a strip cartoonist and consequently his familiarity with the secrets and intrigues of the world he was about to bring to the screen; secondly, his gift for sarcastic comment and delight in satirizing tradition... The result is unusual and stimulating but derives more from the failure to establish a basic mood or tone rather than from any direct intention. Fellini should find this tone in future works if he is to avoid the discontinuity we found here. " [8] Soundtrack [ edit] Nino Rota scored the film. References [ edit] ^ "The White Sheik". Internet Movie Database. Retrieved 21 April 2012. ^ "Filming locations for The White Sheik". Retrieved 21 April 2012. ^ "Full cast and crew for The White Sheik". Retrieved 21 April 2012. ^ Chandler, Charlotte (March 2012). "My Dinners with Federico and Michelangelo". Vanity Fair. Retrieved 16 August 2015. ^ Hancock, Joseph H., Toni Johnson-Woods and Vicki Karaminas (2013). Fashion in Popular Culture: Literature, Media and Contemporary Studies. Chicago: Intellect Books. p. 249. ISBN   1841507164. ^ Trieste, Leopoldo. "Lo Sceicco Bianco - Fellini - Interviste".. Retrieved 16 August 2015. ^ Smith, Geoffrey Nowell (1996). The Companion to Italian Cinema. London: Cassell. p. 79. ISBN   0304341975. ^ Castello's review first published in Cinema V (Milan) December 15, 1952. Cited in Claudio Fava and Aldo Vigano, The Films of Federico Fellini, New York: Citadel Press (1985), p. 65. Further reading [ edit] Aristarco, Guido. Lo sceicco bianco, in: "Cinema Nuovo", n° 1, Novembre 1952. (in Italian) Burke, Frank M. " Variety Lights, The White Sheik, and Italian Neorealism". In Film Criticism, Winter 1978, Volume 3, no. 2, p. 53-66. External links [ edit] The White Sheik on IMDb The White Sheik an essay by Jonathan Rosenbaum at the Criterion Collection.

Il Bidone is so beautiful man. Giulietta Massina!que actriz maravillosa! unica. This makes me want to go back to Italy in the worst way. Sei stato magnifico Alberto. Musica Italiana. Soltanto Fantastica. De witte sjeik download movie. De witte sjeik Download movie page. The most beautiful film of the world. Giulietta & Federico Thank You so much for this diamond May you rest in Peace.

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David Lynch without Badelamenti. La bella carla del poggio moglie di lattuada. I also loved the film. Muy buenooo. felicitaciones. Is this the theme song for the White Sheik? I just read a review in the LA Times-I know this music, and can hum along, but I've never seen this movie. De witte sjeik download movie full. De witte sjeik Download movie. Arrangiamento ed esecuzione piacerebbe che alcuni compositori guardassero questo strumento(accordeon) senza paraocchi e con le orecchie aperte,E' uno strumento a mio modo di vedere che puo' benissimo integrarsi in orchestra e addirittura ' sostituire diversi strumenti a fiato. Sembra un'orchestra. Complimenti a tutti i musicisti.

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Dalle nebbie della memoria di federico fellini questo capolavoro nostalgico comico.

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E son passati 13 anni. De witte sjeik Download movie page imdb. What town is the high rope act filmed. De witte sjeik Download movies. Imenso Fellini, grande Rota, gigantesco filme, que de tão imensurável mal cabe no meu coração. Especially the third moovement. De witte sjeik download movie 2015. Nice print but English subtitles are intermittent. Un superclassico, come il meraviglioso film da cui è tratta. Rota sempre un maestro. De witte sjeik download movie maker. De witte sjeik download movie free. De witte sjeik download movie gratis. De witte sjeik download movie online.

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This was Fellini's directorial debut, although he had been involved in the Italian cinema for quite some time as a writer, mainly. "The White Sheik" heralded the great things that Fellini had in store for all his admirers. It is also the debut of a character that will come to life later on, Cabiria, the prostitute with the heart of gold, the eternal optimist, whose story will be told a few years later in full length.
Fellini was indeed inspired for this picture. He was lucky in finding collaborators of the stature of Tullio Pinelli, who will be linked to Mr. Fellini in many other projects, Michelangelo Antonionni, himself a distinguished director, and Ennio Flaiano. The music of Nino Rota adds another layer to this film with its tuneful score. Arturo Gallea's wonderful black and white photography looks as though it was just shot, with its crisp details of that Rome of the early 1950s in all its splendor.
Ivan Cavalli, an older man has married the beautiful, and younger, Wanda. They come from a small town and their honeymoon is to be spent in Rome, taking the sights and visiting his well connected relatives. The arrival at the train station captures the chaos and confusion that looks pretty much the same today. The prim Ivan is taken aback when the clerk at the Tre Fiori hotel shouts to take the couple to the "honeymoon suite" on the third floor.
Wanda, who is much younger, has something else in mind. She, like a lot of women of that era in Italy, loved the romance stories that were beautifully photographed and which had its followers who adored figures like Fernando Rivoli, the hunk male star of those soap opera paperbacks. Wanda, has been corresponding with the office that handles the production of those penny romances, goes to meet her idol. Wanda, a naive woman, is an instant hit with the woman who writes some of the stories, who tells her Fernando is downstairs waiting for her. Well, that's the beginning for Wanda's fling with celebrity.
In the meantime, Ivan awakens to a flooded room because Wanda forgot to turn off the water in the bath tub. Little does he know, but his punctual uncle and his family await the newlyweds downstairs, but Wanda is missing. What to do? Ivan does everything to excuse his absent bride to the uncle, telling them she feels too sick to go with them. Ivan decides to go along with the relatives not knowing what else to do. The visit to the Pope, a highlight of the trip, has to be postponed.
Wanda finds herself on a beach location where some of the White Sheik's photography is to be shot. She makes quite an impression with her idol, who sees in the naive woman an easy prey. Little prepares him for the way everything will turn against him as his jealous wife arrives to the shoot. Wanda, has to find her own way to Rome in the company of a beach goer who sees in Wanda the same thing Rivoli saw: sex!
Leopoldo Trieste, who plays Ivan Cavalli, was the perfect man to play this fastidious man. Mr. Trieste runs away with the picture. The only concern for this stuffy man is his honor. The mere idea of having his good name sullied by Wanda simply is too much for him; it horrifies him. Mr. Trieste, one of the best film actors in Italian cinema makes a wonderful Ivan.
Brunella Bovo appears as Wanda, the young bride. Ms. Bovo is also marvelous in the film. She is a romantic woman who probably is married to Ivan to please her parents. Ivan is the opposite of her idea of what those heroes of the romance novels she adores, must look like. Wanda is horrified when she realizes what her idol Rivoli expects from her.
Fellini and his team were blessed in casting Alberto Sordi as Rivoli. This actor was at an excellent moment in his film career. His larger than life persona dazzles Wanda, but he is like some other handsome hunks that are used to easy females who he lures to bed by telling them what they want to hear.
The ensemble cast is also excellent. Enzo Maggio, a notable character actor, plays the hotel concierge who is more interested in pushing post cards than giving service. Lilia Landi is Felga, one of the models posing for the novels. Ettore Maria Margadonna is seen as the well connected uncle. Giulietta Masina appears toward the end of the film as Cabiria who is walking the streets where she meets the distraught Ivan and comforts him.
This delicious film is a must see for all fans of that genius that was Federico Fellini.
Senza fine. of my favorite movies ❤️.
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L'Italie que j'aime <3.

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